Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Program

Central Intermediate School 2022-2023

Purpose of Accelerated Reader (AR)

AR is the most popular and successful reading product of all time. It makes reading practice more effective for every student and personalized reading practice to each student’s current level. It also builds a lifelong love of reading and learning.

How is your child’s reading level determined?

All students will be given the Freckle assessment to determine their reading level. The results will determine their required AR points. Choosing books in their readability range allows them to achieve optimal growth in reading skills. Make sure your child is challenging themselves.

3rd graders may read books on a 1.0 grade level and above

4th-5th graders may read books on a 2.0 grade level and above

Reading Goals

Students earn AR points by reading and testing on books within their reading range. They will also work towards having an 85% or higher average comprehension score.

A grade will be given each nine weeks grading period.

1st nine weeks deadline: October 11, 2022

2nd nine weeks deadline: December 20, 2022

3rd nine weeks deadline: March 14, 2023

4th nine weeks deadline: May 10, 2023

AR Points

Students’ required points will be determined based on their Freckle score. All students will have the opportunity to take AR tests on the guide books taught in class. Please encourage your child to take tests on these books. Classes that do not go to the library the first half of the year will have a before school scheduled library time.

Accelerated Reader Grade

The AR grade will be worth 20 points and will be added to the reading grade. 10 points will be awarded for the percentage of their point goal met. 10 points will be awarded for the average percent correct.

Book Access

Students will have access to the school library during their scheduled library time. Students will have access to a digital library provided by CIS. To access the digital library, sign onto the student’s Clever account and then click on MakinVia. Students will also have access to the EBR library and databases using their own username and password. Students will have access to their teacher’s classroom library. There are more digital libraries located at under student resources/digital library.

The books do not have to be checked out from the school library in order for a student to take a quiz on them. We have access to over 100,000 quizzes. The website is an excellent source to use to find books on the AR list.

Home Connect

Parents can login to the AR program to see how their child is doing. You can also opt to receive an email with the results of the quiz your child has taken. To access home connect, use the following website address.

Parents can also go to the CCSS website. Select the students tab, and then Renaissance Place. Use your child’s Student ID # for the username. Their password is the first initial in their first and last name in ALL CAPS followed by their birthday.

Ex: Username: 1234567

Password: BL04092012


9 Weeks incentives:

Students who reach their required AR points by the deadline will receive a “special dress” pass. If they double their points, they will receive a “special dress” pass and a treat at recess.

All classes that have 100% participation and all students receive their points, will have their class name put into a drawing for free lunch.

Overall incentives:

3rd grade students who receive 75 points for the year

4th grade students who receive 100 points for the year

5th grade students who receive 125 points for the year

These students will receive an award and be recognized at awards day. A trophy will be presented to the student in each grade with the most AR points.

The library will have three challenges this year.

40 Book Challenge

Millionaires Club

Battle of the Books

Go to (Student Resources - Reading Challenges) to find out more information.

Thank you,

Kristy Barker, Library/Media Specialist